Books for the Crafty Person in Your Life

In my life before kids I was a seventh grade English teacher. Part of the reason I became and English teacher is because I love reading and I love books and I wanted to share that passion with the kids I taught. I am still always reading at least three books at a time: I have one that I’m listening to, I have one on my bedside table to read at night, and I have one that I’m reading with my kids. With Christmas just around the corner, I decided to post a few of my favorite crafty and creative books to maybe help you find the perfect gift for that maker on your list!

I’ve linked each book to Amazon and have created a list on Amazon with my favorite book picks! You can quickly access my book list HERE.


A Book That Takes Its Time

by Irene Smit and Astrid von der Huist

I keep A Book that Takes Its Time on my bedside table and read a little bit every night. I like to call this a “pretty book” because the inside is just beautiful. There are fun, creative ideas inside to help you be more mindful in your every day life. This is one of my favorite gift-giving books because it is just so lovely!


365 Days of Art: A Creative Exercise for Every Day of the Year

by Lorna Scobie

If you are wanting to try your hand at different types of art, 365 Days of Art is perfect for you. This book has an an artistic activity for every day of the year. I love the variety of art that you get to use and try out in this book, and it is a great way to get those creative juices flowing each day.


Masha and Her Sisters

by Suzy Ultman

This book is darling for the little kids on your list. I collect Russian nesting dolls, so I knew I had to have Masha and Her Sisters, but my kids, who aren’t even all that young, loved this book too! The sister nesting dolls are all stacked on the different pages, and the illustrations are adorable.


Tiny Town

by Suzy Ultman

Tiny Town is also by Suzy Ultman the author and illustrator of Masha and Her Sisters and I just could not resist this cute house shaped book! Each page is a different store in the town, and again, the illustrations are just darling. This is a board book so it might be good for the little kiddos in your life, but even my older girls love this one too.


A Hat for Mrs. Goldman

by Michelle Edwards and G. Brian Karas

My husband actually gave me a copy of A Hat for Mrs. Goldman last year for Christmas because he knows of my love for yarn and pom poms. This is the sweetest story about a girl who wants to do something nice for her neighbor Mrs. Goldman. She decides to try to knit Mrs. Goldman a hat, but it doesn’t go exactly how she wants. I love how this story teaches about service, love, and kindness. Plus, it comes with a knitting pattern for a hat at the end!


Draw Every Day Draw Every Way

by Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Draw Every Day Draw Every Way is another daily art activity book. While the 365 Days of Art book focuses on different art techniques, this one focuses on drawing different items. It’s a fun way to practice those drawing skills with different types of pen and paper too.


Craft the Rainbow

by Brittany Watson Jepsen

Craft the Rainbow spoke to my soul before I even owned it! I love crafting and I love rainbow things, so how could this not be an amazing book?! This book has a bunch of colorful paper projects, and it is another “pretty book.” It is a feast for the eyes. Any crafty person will love this beautiful book.


Creative Coloring for Grown-Ups Scandinavian Folk Patterns

When I get the chance, I love coloring in adult coloring books. I bought this one a few years ago, and the patterns are fantastic. I have a thing for Scandinavian design, and these designs lend themselves so well to coloring.


Extra Yarn

by Mac Barnett illustrated by Jon Klassen

I saw this book Extra Yarn on a fellow Instagramer’s feed a few months ago, and I knew that I needed to get it for my kids. I do happen to be a yarn lover, but this book tells a story of a girl who finds a box of yarn. Miraculously, this box never runs out of yarn. It has a sweet message about spreading happiness and joy and how happiness is something that cannot be bought or taken from someone else. This book is even a Caldecott medal honors winner.


Pride and Prejudice

Illustrated by Alice Pattullo

While this book isn’t necessarily a craft book, Pride and Prejudice is one of my all-time favorite books, and this illustrated version is amazing. It comes in and out of stock on Amazon, but if you can grab it while it is in stock, do it! The illustrations are beautiful and are such a fun addition to the story.

Temperature Crafts

While I absolutely love crocheting my temperature blanket, crochet is not the only form of a temperature craft!  Think about the crafting medium you enjoy most.  Maybe it is quilting, maybe it is lettering, maybe it is embroidery.  All of these mediums can lend themselves to temperature projects, but you might just have to think outside the box.  I have listed a few different ideas to get you started and to get your ideas flowing.

Temperature Cross Stitch


While searching for crafts on Instagram, I came across this amazing temperature cross stitch pattern by Hetti Ruckert.  She has the pattern for this cross stitch on her blog, and you can link to it HERE.

You start in the very center and work your way clockwise around the center.  You pick your colors and your temperature chart, and do one square a day.  She even has a chart with the days of the year so that you can see where you should be each day.  I have loved working on this temperature cross stitch, and it is really easy to work in just a five by five square each day!

Temperature Watercolors


If your favorite medium of choice is watercolor or painting, you can easily do a temperature painting.  I started two different temperature watercolor paintings.  One I did on a really large piece of watercolor paper, and the other was on a smaller piece of paper.  On the large piece (as shown above) I calculated and measured 364 squares.  365 squares just didn't divide very evenly for this piece.  I made 14 columns and 26 rows.  Do a little calculating to see how big your rows and columns need to be to fit evenly on your paper.  I then made a color chart with my watercolors and added corresponding temperature ranges.  Everyday, you just paint the color of the day into one square.  For this painting, I chose to paint a circle in each box. 


For this smaller piece of paper, I divided it into 90 boxes.  This project will end up being four pieces of paper when complete, which I think would look awesome all hung up together at the end of the year.  I decided to fill in the entire box for this project as well. These watercolor projects will create unique and personal works of art to show off in your home.

Pom Pom Temperature Garland


I have a thing for pom poms, so of course I had to throw a pom pom garland in with the temperature crafts!  This one is only for the month of January.  I thought it made an interesting pattern though, and I like how it is artistic in its own way.  To make a pom pom garland, pick a yarn colors and temperature ranges, and make one pom pom a day in the color of the day.  I made my pom poms two different sizes to add a little more dimension, but you can keep them all the same size if desired.

These are only a few possibilities for fun temperature crafts.  Get your creative juices flowing, and share your ideas with me!  I love seeing new ideas!