Temperature Blanket Progress - January and February

Myu temperature blanket is well underway! I actually have not missed a day yet!  I think there was one day that I didn't get to my crocheting at night, but I made it up the next day.  It's much less overwhelming if I just stay on top of it each day! I love seeing the progress.

We have had an unseasonably warm winter here in Utah, so I have used a lot more yarn in the 40-59 degree range than I ever would have imagined. I am almost already out of my 40s yarn! And my 50s yarn is also running low.  Crazy winter.  

Here is my January 2018 progress:


The little section of orange and yellow hexagons was from when our family took a trip to California.  I have decided to use the high temperature for the city in which we are sleeping each night.  It is hard to tell from this photo, but I also have one hexagon with a silver strand running through it.  I am crocheting in the silver thread on special days.  That one happened to be one of my daughter's  birthday.

Here is my progress for February 2018:


We finally got a few colder days this month...I guess only three days!  And it was only in the 20s!  That is where that clump of blue comes into play.

It's looking fun so far!  It is a good way to remember the year as well.  I like looking at the little orange section and remembering our trip to California. It's a journal of sorts!